It doesn’t feel that summer has arrived yet, but it is just the beginning of June. We all have enough time to get ready for vacations and find a perfect pair of swimming trunks. Spy News Magazine fell in love with Yellow Button.


The name of the new beachwear collection  takes inspiration from the homonymous ocean which used to cover the Dolomites during the Triassic period of Earth history. Tethis features multifaceted bathing suits which evoke shallow waters, volcanic eruptions and glaciers at the same time.

Must-have piece of the collection is the “Pelamis” style,which recalls the colors of beautiful sea snakes and alpine amphibians, thus creating a link between two completely different worlds.


The choice of employing high quality Italian fabrics obtained by recycled Lycra, which is more resistant to UV-rays and salty sea water, highlights the key role of nature within the collection. The brand YELLOW BUTTON stems from a traditional way of designing tailored and bespoke menswear, and sticks to this core concept in all collections, which feature a limited number of 50 clothing items, perfectly designed to spice up your closet. By doing so, YB grants its customers exclusive garments as well as sophisticated hand-drafted patterns, creating top-quality, tailor-made bathing suits that perfectly shape the body of today’s man.

Far from mass production, YB relies solely on small, authentic and traditional suppliers from Italy. The only imported fabric is the high quality Portuguese linen that characterizes some of the softest pieces of the collection.

For highly-demanding, exclusive customers YB offers a tailor-made service right at the company headquarter,where the designer will personally suggest a wide range of possible customizations in order to cater to every customers’ needs.


If you wish to buy your personal YellowButton garment, you are more than welcome to drop by our showroom, “Paper Garden Design”, located in via Soperga 36, Milan. Here you will also find unique pieces, not available on the online store.