It’s time to draw a cleansing breath and forget the unnecessary.

The White Villa is a perfect place where to start. This minimalistic oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv is a peaceful hideaway filled with charm. Modern without being cold, sophisticated without being pretentious, quintessentially elegant, the construction perfectly blends within the urban landscape while preserving the secret beauty of a hidden garden.

Architect Stefano Dorata achieved the perfect balance of intimacy and luxury by building an handcrafted design into the original Israeli construction, built as a private residence in 1948 by Bauhaus Pioneer Sam Brakaï. Dorata combined the heritage of the previous structure with a warm Italian touch inspired by the relaxed grandeur of ancient Roman Villas.

From the outside as well as from the inside the White Villa celebrates an ideal of refined simplicity, featuring minimalistic furniture and decor, as true opulence relies in small details and in top quality primal materials, such as the white and black marbles that make the hotel look like a retreating temple.

Abstract compositions of oil painting and mixed materials by emerging artist Guidalina Dorata give a surrealistic twist to her father’s clean lines and stylistic tiger, and put extra emphasis on the White Villa’s tactile appeal.

The lightness that fills every room and the calm, smooth, atmosphere of the place somehow creates the perfect harmony of body and soul, giving guests a sense of complete wellness.