By Kris Gesell
International Women’s Day or 8th of March is widely celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and other countries far away from the US. All my social networks were full of flowers that day while most of my fellow girls in New York were showing pretty serious signs of concern. Literally every other girl in the US did not receive any flowers, gifts or even congratulations. Now let’s dig to the bottom of it and make sure this will never happen again.
My dearest girlies, we have to face the differences of the cultures. They really do not know! And if you did mention to your boyfriend this holiday once in conversation most likely it was forgotten in about five minutes. Boys have much more important stuff on their mind. They sure will try to remember St Valentines Day since this is a part of their culture. But even then it will not harm to remind your man about it coming up a couple of weeks ahead of time and you would be delighted to get flowers and/or whatever else you have in mind.
Set expectations on how you would like to celebrate. Give him an idea. The clearer it is the better. One of my girlfriends generously received the latest Apple laptop for her birthday while expecting a piece of jewelry. Needless to say she was enormously distressed about it. Yes, there are guys out there who do remember and can pick amazing gifts. But from my experience as a relationship coach, usually it is not the case. His idea of what is your perfect gift might be very far from yours. Sharing our expectations and expressing the desire to be appreciated on a particular day is very helpful for men. Stay away from manipulations and silly games like “I won’t tell him. He must remember on his own”. Why create a conflict on such a day when instead you can be showered with love?!

Now going back to International Women’s Day. Prepare your man several days in advance. Do not hide your excitement. Share the details of this tradition and how it is celebrated in your culture. Remind him how important it is for you to celebrate this day far away from your homeland. You will be rewarded! He loves you and your smile is essential for him.

One last thing, be grateful and happy about his effort! This will make sure he will keep trying for you. Men love to spoil us but only when it’s genuinely appreciated…

Enjoy your next BIG day and don’t let lack of communication stand in the way of your happiness. Share this article with your girlfriends so you don’t have to witness their disappointment.
Your Kris…
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