A silky chestnut scarf falls on her breast, about where her dress starts: floor-length red satin, embroidered with gold flourishes. There’s a slip from the floor up, she is all class. God! Her dress marker really shows her prowls. Awe struck, you can’t take your eyes off of her. Your only hope is that she doesn’t look your way, because you are pretty sure your jaw has dropped open.

It finally happened, she looks your way, still in awe, but you can’t tell if she is looking back at you. Careful not to stare at her face or her breasts, you notice her shoes and how they glorify her feet.

The imagination runs deep when you first come across Roberta Cenci’s pieces. Her shoes are not only iconic but she expresses a high level of freedom with the way she experiments with different materials. She marries different materials into one piece, and they always fall into place perfectly. Her seductive shoes are simultaneously lavish with jewellery that entice her wearer.

Roberta Cenci started her illustrious journey at the school of Salvatore Deodato, known model maker of Sicilian origins, where she learned various processing techniques. She began to work at FILA Sport, where she gathered a lot of experience that has enriched her know-how with new perspectives of design.

Roberta Cenci

When asked what type of a woman wears a Roberta Cenci piece, she said, “The woman who wears Roberta Cenci expresses her essence with spontaneity and sophistication, at each instant”. While talking about her latest collection she described it as merging all the nuances of a woman, from the vibrant colors to animalized touch.

From bright jewellery to flowers embroidered and leather details. The jewels, a real triumph for the eyes, merges unconventional shapes, multiform details, with stones and swarovski, glitters and a touch of color that make these creations even more seductive. Contemporary elegance meets simplicity, and romanticism becomes eccentricity.

The icing on the cake is that Roberta Cenci is a pure bread made in Italy brand, and it is amazing to notice that she is not riding on the made in Italy brand. She creates her own part simply from her  natural talent.

We asked Roberta what helps her relax, she said, “watching her daughter grow, trying to face everyday smiling, and always working hard to realize her dream.”

Roberta Cenci is present in show rooms in Milan, New York and Paris and soon will be online at ROBERTACENCI.IT , so keep your fingers .