Passion for arts and the philatelic background of the family, create the DNA of Alessandra Zanaria.  This combination of factors is the filter through which the designer interprets the reality using creativity and irony. In her collections it is visible a strong synergy between artisan skills and the world of culture, a constant background reflected in her style.

Alessandra Zanaria, designer and founder of the company, proposes in every collection eclectic and up-to-date details together with sophisticated accessorizes that can transform any kind of clothes adding a personal touch. Her hats, scarves, gloves and large bracelets express emotions and help to convey the character of the person that is wearing and combining them in an imaginative way.

The designer, completed the artistic studies, founds her first company in 2002, presenting female pret-á-porter clothes collection. In 2010 she specializes in accessorizes and starts the first female collection.


One year later comes the bridal collection, that actually includes a dedicated atelier where the customer can order unique pieces depending on each requests and dreams.  In 2014 the already wide range of products is complemented further with the birth of man’s line.