San Diego is one of many cities in California that makes for a great getaway for the weekend. Only 2 hour away from Los Angeles it is an easy drive or train ride down to sunny San Diego. What is so great about San Diego is the convenience of the city and how beautiful it is to walk around. It is a more relaxed LA.

You have the city, the water fronts, and the suburbs. From delicious restaurants, luxurious hotels and fantastic outdoor shopping, One of the best hotels to stay at is the Westin Hotel in Downtown.

Westin Hotel Downtown

Conveniently located in Downtown, the Westin is in the center of all things main attractions in Downtown San Diego. With the hotel being newly renovated, it offers a fantastic pool layout by, newly revamped gym facility and a contemporary relaxing design for their rooms.

Walking distance to little Italy, Seaport Village and the train station you definitely do not have to worry about needing transportation to get around and at the bare minimum a cheaper Uber ride. The hotel has a bar in the middle of the hotel where you can try a lot of the local beers or go to meet a friend for a quick drink during their happy hour.

If you are ever looking for a place to eat be sure to check out Café Chloe.

Café Chloe

Café Chloe is your perfect French restaurant in San Diego. Upon arrival you immediately notice the beautifully decorated exterior which allows you to feel like you are in France.

It gives you an intimate French experience, without having to leave California. Being a local favorite, it wasn’t until after trying this local hot spot is when I quickly realized why the locals come here. The food is beyond impeccable, the drinks are refreshing and scenery when sitting in the patio is very relaxing.

For a nice evening for dinner the best place is the Hornblower Yacht Dinner Cruise.

Hornblower Yacht Dinner Cruise

Your perfect getaway if you can’t really get away.

Cruise on a yacht while having dinner, a good time dancing and a breath taking panoramic view of the harbor as the sun sets. The dinner menu is exquisite and having a unique selection every time no matter how many times you go on the cruise it is catered to every unique cruise.

What is great about the Hornblower Yacht is they are not only located in San Diego, but in San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkley, New York, Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach. This allows for those who aren’t able to travel to San Diego to experience at a location near them.

This is great for a quick romantic “getaway” with a significant other, a good donated gift for your parents or even a fun group dinner with friends. The Yacht is a fantastic journey to take and upon take off you almost forget where you are at. The yacht is a beautiful experience for anyone to take and definitely gives you an unforgettable memory that will last you forever.


by Christopher Dela Cruz