“Today, photography is part of my life. I cannot see life without the vision of photography. I look at the world and at fashion with the eye of a camera. This enables me to maintain a critical detachment in my everyday work, which helps me more than I could ever imagined”. Karl Lagerfeld

florence2Vision of Fashion” is a special anthological exhibition at Palazzo Pitti celebrating Karl Lagerfeld’s diverse and elegant approach to photography: from advertising campaigns and shoots published in the world’s most important fashion magazines, and other inspired by classical mythology such as the series “Le Voyage d’Ulysse” and “Daphnis and Chloe”.

florence5The exhibition starts from grand staircase, Scalone del Moro, and winds it way through the rooms the Galleria Palatina, the Sala Bianca, and the three rooms of the Appartamenti deli Arazzi in a continuous dialogue between the sizes of the pictures and the exhibition areas: from the smaller, subtle images in the Galleria Palatina, almost as if to punctuate the tour of the masterpiece-filled museum, to the imposing pictures in the Appartamenti degli Arazzi that converse with the beautiful tapestries on display. In the Sala Buia guests then discover the photo and video installation “The Beauty if Violence”.

florence6 florence7As to the Sala Bianca, where Italian fashion was born in 1951, the curators have selected fashion photos by Karl Lagerfeld printed on lightweight paper that flutter from the ceiling, recalling the lithe movements of models on the runway.



photo by Russ Evpinkblack