RCANO collection’s garments are inspired by the sun, earth and sea, using tropical prints and giving a modern representation of the Hawaiian shirt by introducing the Cuban collar. The names of each piece are based on an island that inspired the designer to create a specific shirt; and its culture and symbolic elements are incorporated into each garment.


This collection mainly focuses on a mixture of short and long sleeve shirts in combination with new collars, and as always focusing on the attention to detail such as buttons, cuffs, collars; and added embroidery to the jackets. The new colors of the season are light blue, yellow, pink and pastel tones. This collection is epitome since it is ideal for any occasion from beachwear, business wear, to party attire.



The fresh and young colors used in the designs together with the structured prints give a sportier and chic look combined with a comfortable retro inclination.



At the same time, during the fashion show in Mexico City  RCANO presented a selected collection of suits in different tones, showcasing its classic, formal and sophisticated side, without compromising the attention to detail and unique styles of the brand.