It been more than a month since Venice’s annual Carnival celebrations have ended, the beautiful city of canals finally take a breather. At least until May, upon the opening of 15th Venice Architecture Biennale on May 28th, event that is not to be missed. Of course the choice of hotel is obvious – the luxurious Luna Baglioni, in the heart of the city, a few steps from St. Mark’s Square.

With its huge sunlit terraces, Luna Baglioni offers stunning views of beautiful Venice: St. Mark’s Bay, the Island of San Giorgio, and a number of other unbeatable Venetian panoramas. Located in the magnificent building of an old aristocratic palace, Luna Baglioni is a place where you can relax and feel like royalty, because Baglioni guests are, in fact, truly treated like royalty. Exceptional hospitality and impeccable service are the hallmark of Baglioni hotels – whether in Rome, Florence, or Venice.



And yet there is something especially appealing about the Venetian Baglioni. Probably it is partly due to the fact that Venice is an especially romantic and picturesque city, but it also doesn’t hurt that Venetian cuisine happens to be particularly fabulous. And no one is as skilled in the art of Venetian cooking as legendary chef Cosimo Giampaolo Baglioni.


Canova – the hotel’s intimate restaurant, is winner of both the prestigious Fogher d’Oro and Gambero Rosso gastronomic awards. Elegant in its traditional style, the interior is inspired by the works of the great Italian sculptor Antonio Canova. Precious wood paneling, rich Italian silks, and shining glass accessories create a luxurious interior that becomes the perfect compliment to the sophisticated kitchen impeccably run by Cosimo Giampaolo. And, of course, the best of traditional Venetian cuisine is always prepared with the highest quality products of the season, making every meal a fresh and decadent experience.


Photo: Anna Minaeva