TV and radio host, newspaper editor, creative director, columnist, clubs owner and eventologist from Manila, Philippines. He currently hosts famous The Tim Yap Show 7th season which airs weeknights on GMA-7, and edits a pop culture section of The Philippine Star entitled «Supreme”. Meet our amazing friend, incredible person Tim Yap


 I remember we were filming you in the airport in Milan when the third season of Tim Yap show came out. A lot of things happened since then. Season seven… how do you feel?

I feel energized by all the action. I’m the kind of guy that works nonstop, motivated by all the stimulus that comes with being inspired. I feel more grounded and quite balanced in life. I think now is the perfect time to assess and see where to take the show, going on its 7th season.

Tim Yap is not just a name, it’s a big brand in Entertainment industry in Asia. People are talking about you, magazines are writing about you.. Are you at the point where you wanted to arrive? Or do you think you can do more?

There’s always more things to do, next steps to achieve. I am happy with the progress of where things have brought me but I feel there is more work to do and so little time. But I always tell myself, “One day at a time, one day at a time…”

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What are the projects you are involved now? I m following some of them, but please update us!

Aside from working on The Tim Yap Show Season 7, we just opened The Palace Pool Club, aside from our existing establishments Valkyrie, 71Gramercy, Universe GastroPub, Aracama Filipino Cuisine, Prive Luxury Club and The Tides Boracay. Yaparazzi, the events company that I had just put up, is also in full swing. I am also about to launch a new collaboration for a sneaker, the Tim Yap x FILA, a new furniture and scent line, to name a few.

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Philippines is one if the countries that is very into social media. Aren’t you tired of sharing you life with millions? Where is the space for private life?

Despite being in the public spotlight, I consider myself quite a private person. What I share is something precious but it’s not the end-all-be-all. I share a lot because I’m learning a lot and I’m really very generous by nature. But I would like to think that my private life is still very much private.


Do you support Philippine designers? You know that we are not really updated on names in Italy. Any particular designer that in your opinion deserve  attention in Europe?

The Filipino designer is one of the big secrets of the fashion industry and I feel that everyone in the world should tap this yet undiscovered source of global talent. I am 150% in support of Filipino design talent, hard work and ingenuity. I believe they are among the best in the world. A lot of the Dubai based designers like Michael Cinco, Furne One, Ezra Santos etc have already gotten global acclaim on the red carpet. There’s also Monique Lhuillier who’s based in LA, Lesley Mobo in London, Cary Santiago based in Cebu,  Rajo Laurel and Francis Libiran in Manila and so many more talented designers that deserve the global design spotlight. I’m

I grew up on the north.. and Philippines to me always sounded as a hidden paradise.The last time I was in Boracay it has become so commecialized. Is there some hidden paradise places in the Philippines Tim Yap would recommend?

Remember we have 7,107 islands. Bill Gates was a recent guest. Rumor has it that he is about to invest in the islands, or maybe he is about to build a home around here. Theres San Vicente, Coron and Puerto Princesa in Palawan, the Caramoan Islands where almost all of Survivor Europe is filmed and Panglao island in Bohol are spots that I would recommend if you want to find your new personal paradise. There are many fun/filled choices in the Philippines.


I was born in Russia and when people say it’s unfriendly country I feel bad, but I know what they mean. I’ve heard the same about Manila. It’s not an easy place to be, traffic, said it’s dangerous,  and so on.. but I know Manila from another side, side that you showed me.And I am really grateful for that.What are the best spots to hang out now? Where can I feel really authentic Manila..?

Authentic Manila can be felt via its people. There are a lot of misconceptions but when you come here for a visit you’ll realize it’s the friendliest and warmest (literally and figuratively) country ever. I must give special mention

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