Rasena New collection is like a perfect meal with its entire ingredients in the right portions.

The brand is known for drawing inspiration from different pastimes. The new released collection is no exception to what Rasena is known for. They never fail in taking us on journeys through eras that have shaped who we are as a race from ancient Egypt, the cradle of civilization to Rome, an empire know for its great thirst for power and classism. These eras remind us of cultural values and power while fully bathing in undiluted passion and triumph. The designer of the brand, Yulia Solntseva described all these combinations as being compared to the theatre.
She said, the collection is her own interpretation of Egyptian style democratized, taking only the key details. The impact on the collection has a classic theatre, she said, “By intersecting and complementing each other, these sources of inspiration have created interesting combinations.”
One thing that is glaring about this collection is the materials use, as the brand is known for it’s use of velvet. This collection is a combination of neoprene, jacquard, fur and knitwear, each piece a decorative. You will notice the Russian signature embroidery and beads as it never ceases to emphasizes decorativeness of a woman’s body, attention to detail, flawless cut and smooth lines.
The brand is eco-conscious, as it continuously explores new technologies and new methods of processing materials that avoid causing harm to Mother Nature. The brand aspires to make this world a better place, to draw attention to nature, and to be aware of how important it is to take care of Mother Nature in order for her to take care of us.
by Anderson Azugbene