How does one describe the captivating beauty of Puglia? Located in the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’, the region is comprised of sun-bleached landscapes, rustling, green olive groves, and shimmering seascapes. Walking the unforgettable hilltop and coastal towns, you seem to travel back into the past, to a simpler time when a perfect day involved simply strolling through some narrow, cobbled streets, stopping to dine in a romantic, dimly-lit restaurant, or watching the sun languidly set on the sea’s horizon as you feel a cool breeze swirl at your shoulders.

As you drive along the coast, exploring the various inlets and villages you come across, you can’t help but see that Puglia’s landscape is truly unforgettable. Lush fields are framed by a long coast that alternates between glittering limestone cliffs and golden, sandy beaches.

The waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas are captivatingly beautiful, alternating between a crystal clear sparkling green and an opaque and mysterious deep blue.

The extensive coastline has seen the arrival of many invaders, from the Spanish to the Greeks, yet despite this, Puglia truly has its own unique identity. A day here isn’t complete without delving into its legendary cuisine. Puglia’s ‘cucina povera’ creates masterpieces from the simplest, freshest foods. Olive oil, grapes, tomatoes, and fresh seafood are staples of their sophisticatedly simple cuisine.

 Puglia’s capital, Bari, boasts all the stunning qualities of the region, with its gorgeous historic old town that comes alive in the evening: piazzas buzzing with laughter and chatter as people dine at the many quaint restaurants and stroll through the atmospheric winding streets on a warm summer evening. A trip to Bari can only be complete with the perfect accommodation, and what better place than B&B Vittorio Emanuele, a small gem that makes one’s stay in Puglia truly memorable.

 Located in a beautiful 19th century building right by Bari’s famous cathedral, you are in the heart of the city, and can feel its pulse as you relax in your room, preparing for your evening out. The B&B’s owner, famed plastic surgeon Giuseppe Rubino was inspired by various trips to Morocco, an inspiration that is seen in the location’s fantastic and refined decor.


Warm, wood furniture and exquisitely presented tile work create an inviting and elegant atmosphere as you wake up in the morning and prepare for your day of exploring the town’s historic center. The smell of warm croissants and other traditional baked goods wafts through the air as you stand on the balcony and greet the sunny day ahead.


Besides its romantic and elegant atmosphere, the B&B boasts all the practical amenities that make one’s stay completely comfortable. An accommodation as elegant and captivating as the region it is located in, this place is the easy choice for one’s future holidays in beautiful Puglia

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