Zin Kato

Zin Kato brand was established in 2001, with the launch of the first retail store in Los Angeles. Afterwards, Zin participated in the NY coterie in 2004 and the Tokyo collection in 2005. He was one of the chosen designers by Chongqing government (China) to hold an exhibition in 2007 and then invited by China Guangdong TV in 2009 to broadcast his collection throughout China. Dedicated in pursuing an exquisiteness unique to the Japanese, ZIN applies the most delicate of materials in order to compose the most elegant of apparels. ZIN excels in blending the wonders of surrealistic allure into our casual and accustomed wear.



The kimono brand, “YOSHIKIMONO”, was created by the artist, Mr. YOSHIKI. Being born as the first son of a kimono fabric dealer shop, Mr. YOSHIKI has had a strong wish to introduce kimonos, one of Japan’s beautiful traditional cultures, to the world. This strong will, and the meeting with Mr. Keigo Kano, of SCOPE COCO Co., Ltd., one of Kyoto’s oldest and most prestigious kimono makers, lead to the realization of his own original kimono brand, “YOSHIKIMONO”.
The brand was first introduced in March, 2011, at the “ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION”, Asia’s largest music & fashion collaboration event, held at Yoyogi National Stadium. And, in October, 2015, the brand will realize a full scale collection debut, at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo.


Graphic and sharp: a collection overflowing with refined silhouettes in superb fabrics for day through evening wear for every occasion in contemporary urban life. Highlighted with functional and elegant original items such as “leather pats”, that spring from a uniquely feminine sensitivity.


Inspired by 90.FN”s subculture; Hard Core Punk, Grange, Grafitti, Skate Boarding, Modern Literature, Hiroaki Sueyasu designs KIDILL with a new modern perspective. KIDILL could summarise as “STREET” and “STYLE”. Based on “STREET” style, the tailoring technique can be seen in the collection, by using luxury materials.  The 2 polarised elements are met, that Sueyasu believes to crate accidental styles in the collection.


Keiichiro was established in 2012 in order to inform “Made in Japan” to the world after consecutive receiving a prize in MIPEL award and launched in new brand “KEIICHIRO”. It is suggestion at creation of the high value that is new by a technique and an original bag design specially that fused in apanese traditional textile and new material to a base with leather of Himeji. With the concept “styling to come up with the idea of from a bag” launched fashion and [ Keiichirosense] to express original style and feeling.It is pursuit with the style that is wearable to take the Bag`s function in a fashion while being conscious of a silhouette.


“ETHOS”has the meaning Habit, and “SENS” has the meaning Sense. ETHOSENS was born by fusing these two words. Yui Hashimoto think that there is new discovery by paying more attention to all senses to be born from habit. He aims at the innovative expression that can become the standard in the future, and  wants to pursue the essential creation that can bring new sense of values in the world.


The designers Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato  founded their own label “DRESSEDUNDRESSED” in 2009 and launched their first spring summer collection
2012 Presented their first Runway Show autumn winter 2012 in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. They were nominated as show case designers for Singapore Fashion WeekBlue Print” and they opened the show for the opening and had exhibition.  In 2013 Takeshi and Emiko presented their capsule collection as one of six finalists for the International Woolmark Prize. DRESSEDUNDRESSED was nominated by Franca Sozzani from VOGUE Italy.
Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were picked from this International Woolmark Prize as well for their gateway to suceess in their carrers.



Photo: The Amazing Fashion Week Tokyo Association images