He is a great American kid who has come a long way from Iowa where he was born, to a huge Madison Avenue Flagship store in NYC.  For the upcoming Fall season Todd Snyder held his sober yet chic runaway in NYC.

Todd Snyder is not actually new to the big audience. He’s been working quite a lot for Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap and J. Crew,  that obviously means he’s got some experience in man’s tailoring.  In his own Fall runway Todd Snyder took all the classical materials he used to work with before, and turned them to a new level of technical perfection.

Innovative high-tech materials in his leather-looking jackets with rigorous pockets and double faced raining coats! Cashmere suits and sports looking shoes together with winter t-shirts had that nonchalant chic allure that the NYC dandy could only look like.

The orange is a new black! Check out the winter sport jackets in Todd Snyder’s version and you will surely fall in love with the designer’s new look!


Photo: Kelly Taub, Gerardo Somoza