It  was the most graphic and bright collections of the past Fashion week in Milan. Constructions and deconstructions have created a certain post modern art picture in the most sophisticated way. A special attention has been paid to the precious details: jewelry, dress decorations in shining sequins and shoes with a square heel. If Art is an older brother of Fashion, than Marni has made a Family reunion! We say, it’s worth visiting as a rare museum exhibition!
The craftsmanship of the Marni Fashion House is so famous that it is almost obvious to expect incredible jewelry set during the Fashion show. In fact, the décor of the Marni outfits was as important as usual. But the most amazing was the collection’s DeConstruction . Every single dress, in the bright colour combinations had something to do with an architectural experiment of post modern design. Coats, worn upside down, uneven layers, cascades of bijoux- it had created such a powerful  vision that almost recalled the impressionist Art. Every single detail from the collar to the square shoes had a harmonic composition that, for the first time, would be fashionable to wear as Total look!

Photo Credit: Olesya Okuneva