So here you are on a date… in a restaurant… and the sacramental question starts to pop up as soon as “check please“ arrives. To pay or not to pay?! Of course we all would like to establish that I am an independent girl and can afford my dinner. However NOT so fast, girl – even if you can pay and are happy to! Here is the catch. This is the first, and let me reassure you, not the last test for your new boyfriend-to-be guy. A decent man will be happy to pick up the bill, unless you’ve made some essential mistakes prior to dinner. Check your attitude before going on a date. Be a lady. Don’t try to dominate by showing him that you know it all and make a fortune a year. That will definitely throw him off and he will simply be demotivated. The right attitude is that he doesn’t have to but it is nice of him to get the bill.


Therefore, we don’t want to rush into paying, but express that you are willing to do so if that is necessary. You can always pay for something little such as a coat check, taxi or coffee afterwards to keep it somewhat even. This will be appreciated. Nobody wants to feel used. I believe that a man should buy you dinner on the first date, but only if he chooses to. If not, well, you can now choose your own attitude towards that matter.

The first date may not be a sign of anything dramatic. Give him another chance if you’d love to. Keep in mind though that man’s nature has a very simple need, which is his ability to provide and protect his woman (and future family). If he constantly chooses not to be responsible for the bill it most likely means that either he is not ready for a serious relationship with you (why does he have to pay for every girl he takes out?!), or he simply does not want the accountability at all. Do either of these options really call your name?


By Kristina Gesell images