He is making brilliant  commercial shows for Moncler and for his own brand he just displays the total freedom of creative expression. His latest shabby chic collection in Paris has caused strong emotional impact among the devoted followers. It is not easy to be a genius, so the real one tries to be understood in a right way. In the world of transition and shifted values, the Thom Brown collections could be considered as a behind the scene stories. What you do not usually see is probably the most emotional part of tailoring. That is why the coats and jackets are literary worn out, and show the strapped ends. The are sometimes no pants and you see what a gentelmsn is  usually wearing under his decent looks. The metamorphosis of changing a real and perfect outfit in a shabby and worn suit is just fantastic. Nothing is eternal. The cut remains impeccable though!   Thank you for the show, maestro!



Photo by Olesya Okuneva