“I was born in the middle West of Germany where the steel and coal industry was booming at that time. Therefore most of the buildings and parks were always slightly dusted in black because of the coal mines”

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I learned drawing at a very young age. My grandmother was drawing fruits and animals while  baby-sitting me, waiting for my parents to pick me up. Then at the age of five I started to draw my own little stories.

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There were cat sitting in the trash bin with fishbones in its mouth or fighting dinosaurs.  My parents have never wanted me to apply for an art school as they simply saw me  growing up like everyone else. If i really pursued drawing I would have eventually made a career as a professional artist.

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 After school graduation I focused on studying Arts and Biology.  Moreover, I started to work as a  full time model. I got a better perspective as I knew I could actually use my creativity, as everyone was always keep on telling me to live it and do something with it.

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I never expected fashion would open me doors to an absolutely new different world. I was always so fascinated how make up and good lightening could change a face or even a different colored shirt. So I started focusing on drawing faces because no matter how much make up people would put on a girl’s face, you could always tell by her eyes how she really felt.

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This is what I find so enchanting and worth captivating.  Traveling alone gets you sometimes melancholic. Therefore I guess the images I create have a more muted feel to it, as a little revolution to this commercial world where everybody has perfect smiles and happy faces. Unfortunately we all know this world doesn’t exist, at least not 24/7.

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When I moved to Berlin in 2012 I met a lot of great people who introduced me to the art scene here. A friend of mine will soon help me organizing my very first exhibition in Vienna.


It was a total surprise for me as it has never been my aim to showcase my work in such a huge field of exposure. And until today the journey continues.

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