I strike for intimacy and inner nature into the confinement of an elasticated and sticky array of strings of words that would finally unveil all the awareness I feel within, have been right in my little confinement I call a room moping and wondering how to channel my feelings into a string of words that will translate my current emotions truthfully BUT here it is in plain words. I LOVE THE WOMAN, The woman that wears AELEONORE research bags

9AELEONORE research bags marrys tradition with contemporaneity classicism and avant-garde design, the brand puts materials at the forefront to create a collection of bags and accessories that possess a fresh and extremely personal aesthetic with a strong ethos for made in Italy.

A conversation with Eleonora Sassoli owner of the AELEONORE research bags who is an architect and designer, without missing any words Eleonora painted a picture.

Spynewsmagazine:  It is a great pleasure to talk to you about your brand AELEONORE Research, tell me please how did it all started?

Eleonora Sassoli: My studies at the University of Florence – Faculty of Architecture – and my passion for Art, Design and Fashion inspired me, with the entrepreneur Stefano Niccoli, to create a new brand Aeleonore, that remembers the old Tuscany manufacturing tradition, projected into the future.Since 2014 we have improved our style and all the production’s process to create new articles with innovative ideas and images and with a specific style different from the market offer.

The Aeleonore collection is totally made in Italy, and wants to represent the classy Italian tradition and our wish is to maintain the tailoring and the Italian excellence.


Spynewsmagazine: In AELEONORE Research you try guard the old and noble work of the past which is the foundation of the Italian excellence, what inspires your own creations?

Eleonora Sassoli: When I think about a model, a scarf or a brocade I think about my land and our tradition, I mean the importance of what we have built. I am convinced that the future lies in our roots and in what we have built. Walking through the streets of Florence, discovering Siena and all the tuscan monuments and the churches we could find our inspiration. Design and symbols come from my culture and by everything surrounds me.

1The AELEONORE’s collection is inspired by Brocades of Eleonora of Toledo, wife of Cosimo de Medici, but also by the floors of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence; it’s also possible to find details of the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo and much more.

The Spring Summer 2017 collection is inspired by the Florentine hills, the gardens, the flowers, the meandering views of our hills, the explosion of color, elegance and lightness that every woman should have.

11Spynewsmagazine: Your bags is has been known for its impeccable attention to detail, it is flawless and inspiring. How do you want your customers to feel when they wear your bag?

Eleonora Sassoli: To have an AELEONORE research bag means have a unique product Made in Tuscany.

Each piece is carefully studied: our bags, our Headscarf, are objects bring with them a cultural and specific value. The woman that wears AELEONORE research bags should feel unique and precious, elegance and charmant. The PE2017 collection combines mono color and colorful pieces; some products are embellished with geometric or small metallic elements.


I tried and I wanted to give more freedom to my clients and I’d like to make them able to choice, so that they could feel even more unique. The AELEONORE research woman is smart, curious, careful and conscious; she knows and perceives the Beauty value and she will never be trivial and stereotyped.


Spynewsmagazine: A lot of people say and think that the is Italian fashion industry starving of creativity, I totally disagree the industry has never lacked creativity, the fact is that a lot of Italian brands are not telling stories where there is attention which is the internet and social media within, how is AELEONORE Research using the internet and social media in telling her story?

Eleonora Sassoli: I think that in Italy and in the rest of the world we have interesting ideas and people able to create and to develop interesting projects; unfortunately in the fashion industry it’s more common to follow the business system and the market laws.

I believe that we need to rediscover the importance of the quality and it’s because of my love for fashion that I didn’t want to enter into the fashion business in that way. My philosophy is the research of details, telling our story and our itinerary. To be slave of the system means for us to neglect our passion and our inspiration. This is not my style: I want to create different products and I want that my clients can choose different products. I want to tell you who we are and who produces each object, I want to make you Known our territory and our history, and maybe this is the right way to transmit the value of our work.


Our website gives you every information you need: from the pictures to the semi processed materials analyzing all the processes from the idea till the finished product.

We also have the instagram and facebook official pages and even there is possible to have a look and to discover our world. A studied and planned story-telling that does not leave anything to chance.

Spynewsmagazine: Where can we buy AELEONORE Research bags, can we shop online?

Eleonora Sassoli: Go inside the “virtual shop” is very important for us, especially because I strongly feel that we need to let you know how the quality is important.

We studied and planned the opening of our Ecommerce and it will be ready in December 2016. Our product right now is distributed in Italy in the best-Italian boutiques. For example in Milan you will find our collection at Boiocchi‘s show-room. Then we’ll be able to discover the foreign market.


Spynewsmagazine: What plans do you have for the future?

Eleonora Sassoli: AELEONORE research is very young and our brand was born with joy and enthusiasm. Our main goals are to be recognized in the market and in Italy as a quality emerging product with a big value.

I like to repeat to myself: “Necessity and desire to create value.” economic value, human value, cultural value, and this can happen even if we take care about  style, products, territory and respect. We’re already working for the Autumn Winter ’17 / ’18 collection that will bring even the men’s collection. I love to think about the future and what I find is a free and active woman able to choose her own life and her style.


Visit AELEONORE research website here


Interview, photo by Anderson Azugbenepinkblack