Established as a small family company, thanks to the business spirit of the Di Stefano family, Maglificio Gran Sasso is now an international icon of Made in Italy fashion. The vocation of the Di Stefano brothers was to dedicate themselves with passion to knitwear garments, producing them with elegance and quality to the point of making them a real fashion phenomenon. Today Maglificio Gran Sasso is a company that ranks among the leading players in the production and marketing of knitwear and casual wear.


Typical cuts of the fashion at that time reviewed and mixed to the classical pastel shades, to green, to sand, to cord and to khaki for a fresh look from bright colors also in the city.



Gran Sasso‘s soul however is highlighted in the search for avant-garde materials for informal luxury. From the union of these elements, the polo shirt with a knitted collar is created from a new yarn made of fresh cotton and bouclè, micro geometrical patterns, innovative texture, matched stitches and designs of large dimensions that depict in a stylized manner the tall palm trees, for a refined vintage style that recalls the old Miami, but is in context in a modern and urban chic environment. A guaranteed informal elegance in the knitted jackets in cotton printed with irregular nuances and a contrast of colors. This perfect Palm Beach look is enriched with knitted accessories, such as ties and a flat cap.


In addition to a wide range of garments in linen, there is the Summer Cashmere to complete the collection, available in a palette of bright colors. Other news regarding the materials used is the aktive Wool, 100% extra-fine merino wool from the unequalled properties: transpirant, durable, elastic and crease-resistant.



Suitable to be put into your suitcase and ready to use for a flawless look. For this season we have been developing some top models like knitted fleeces also with hoods, casual trousers, blousons and the must-have for the spring/summer: the ecological lightweight down jacket, whether with knitted sleeves or in a waistcoat version.



The Gran Sasso clothing line is designed for contemporary globetrotters: men who are divided between work and private life, family and leisure. Dynamic, going from one city to another, traveling around the world, and not always for pleasure. They need comfort and convenience without sacrificing style.