Some intelligent people want to make our clothes and accessories do more. They want our clothes to charge our phones, they want out fabrics to regenerate; it is mind blowing, but what about helping to put fashion in a position where it should be responsible for our Earth while still maintaining durability.
The vegetal leather is amazing innovation that will have a huge upside in helping fashion to be more environmentally friendly, while maintaining innovation and sustainability at all levels. When fashion is created, neither the environment nor man or animal should suffer. Innovation in fashion should be geared towards creating materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is heart warming to see new gods being born in this space.
Sustainability should be like a chain reaction that involves the producer of raw materials and those who create with it. Sustainability should involve the use of environmentally friendly materials in production of fashion and the manufacturing of products where no one has to suffer or be exploited.
We can all be fascinated by all of these innovations in fashion, but the fact still remains, that it is important we carry the responsibility of creating new ways through technology and innovation, which can then lead to creating a working environment that enhances both the well being of workers and the well being of our beloved earth. It is all encompassing; it all involves playing our different roles from creators down to being consumers.
Our hearts literally melted when we discovered Ziza, an Italian accessory brand that uses vegetal leather (leather made from Vegetables) in creating bags. Ziza’s pieces are vegan, organic, sustainable and made in Italy.