The fashion industry in Italy is creating a fresh frontier, as new Gods spring forth to be worshipped and the old Gods have been forced to either innovate or go home. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see innovation in parts of the industry that have been long overdue for disruption. Caviglioni is an Italian brand headed by creative director Matteo Caviglioni. The brand is rooted in the Made in Italy tradition, in harmony with new technology and the warm and colorful influences of art and architecture.

Each Caviglioni piece is a combination of hand-made sartorial technique and avant-garde fabric, with great attention to quality. The motivation to take the traditional Italian approach and blend it with technically and conceptually inventive fabric deserves appreciation. We sat down with Matteo, the brain behind the brand, in a conversation where he told us about the innovation in his work, and how he wants women to feel when they wear his pieces.

Spy News Magazine: Can you tell me about your brand, and where the idea came from?

Matteo Caviglioni: The idea took shape in my last few days of University, when I applied my designs to the fashion world. Hence he concept create a brand tat combines technology and craftsmanship.

Spy News Magazine: Tell me a bit about yourself. What is your professional pat?

Matteo Caviglioni: I studied design at the Faculty of Architecture. The course of my studies was focused on rationality and functionality. I then joined these qualities with the tailoring skills that I chose to learn in order to have a solid foundation for the world of fashion.

Spy News Magazine: What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your work?

Matteo Caviglioni: Contemporary architecture and contemporary art allow me to blend arctic insights and grasp all the excitement that they impart on me.

Spy News Magazine: Tell us about the materials you use.

Matteo Caviglioni: My materials are a result of the desire to link technology and sartorial tradition in a skillful balance between past and future.

Spy News Magazine: How do you want your customers o feel when they wear your shoes?

Matteo Caviglioni: My clients have to feel themselves, they must perceive my creations as their own natural extension.

Spy News Magazine: The first and most important job of any brand is to tell its story. How are you leveraging social media to tell your brand’s story?

Matteo Caviglioni: I am using social media a lot. Especially Instagram, where I have direct contact with my audience. I really love the feedback that comes in from the digital world.

Spy News Magazine: What plan do you have for Caviglioni?

Matteo Caviglioni: I want Caviglioni to be a brand that has international scope and is able to attract a wide audience.

Spy News Magazine: Where can we buy your products?

Matteo Caviglioni: For the moment, we are considering a network of boutiques, among the most prestigious in Italy.


by Anderson Azugbene