This year at Seoul Fashion Week the creative director of Soulpot Studio, Sujinn Kim delivered a new message with ‘Mother’ theme for Fall and Winter seasons . Soulpot Studio is getting more attention after announcing that they are starting a new project, “ Born project” following a series of “Seoul Project”. This brand is differentiated from other brands while focusing on new themes and presenting a new way of a fashion show, which results in their own competitiveness.

“Born project” is completed with several themes searching for human’s root. As the first theme of “Born project”, “Mother” means the first connection forming ego to the outside. This beginning from designer’s personal experience makes universalization drawing audience’s personal experience.

In this collection, symbols cognizing between a mother and a child such as an umbilical cord, Baenaet Jeogori (first clothes handmade by mother), a baby blanket are connected to trace after independence from maternal instinct. These are expressed in shapes and details of collection.

Based on “Cocoon” silhouette, there are trimming details with circular shapes, items converted from Baenaet Jeogori, draped shirts, layers, stings, straps and bold stitch details, which represents symbols of inspiration of this collection. Especially, for this season, male models are increased while genderless looks have more portions of the whole collection.

As Soulpot Studio is given attention with a story-telling technique in their collection, a finale performance expresses the present of us as sons and daughters and the present of mothers.

Soulpot Studio starts focusing on a universal subject matter beyond a local project confined in Seoul, universal so an audience could see the changes of show music and multinational models.