On the K-fashion day during Shanghai Fashion Week, one of Korean representative designer label, SOULPOT STUDIO which draws much attention in China market will present the runway show as a finale show of the day, funded by Ledome Showroom.


Soulpot Studio is a Korean designer label launched since 2007 with the meaning, “a pot containing soul”. The creative director of Soulpot Studio, Sujinn Kim, majored in Media Art not Fashion Design got her brand’s supporters while presenting fashion shows telling humanity, culture and coexistence with being called “the most touching collection”.



Soulpot Studio keeps no discount policy and avoids developing thoughtlessly subsequent lines while Korean designer brands lean towards low cost garments, pursuing value conscious consumption. Recently, Soulpot Studio has been proceeding by being chosen as Italia Vogue Talent, invited by Jakarta Fashion Week as a representative of Korea and invited by Helisinki Fashion Week as a representative of Asia with soft avant-garde and calm elegant styles reinterpreting traditional aesthetics in a modern way. Customers can see its collection in China, Italia, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.



Especially, Soulpot Studio is getting attention by Chinese trend setters seeking high-end quality and value conscious consumption and also becoming a newly noticeable global brand.


Photo: The Courtesy of SOULPOT STUDIO images