At Vienna Workshop, quality meets mindful company to treasure resources and foster innovation. It’s a good place to create garments worthy of being so close to the skin.

Designed and handcrafted in Vienna, The Small Gatsby combines the gentle and pure idea of luxury with the bold vision of exceptional design. Aesthetics and function are of the same value: The Small Gatsby is sourcing the best materials to create garments and accessories, worthy of being so close to the skin.

The perfect cut is hidden in the detail, in the intangible freedom of movement. An impeccable silhouette is quoting many details of the European years between 1900-1930. The Small Gatsby offers garments and accessories which are as unique, genuine and splendid as the children wearing them.

Teresa Zimmermann founded The Small Gatsby after her daughter Helena was born in 2012. With her deep understanding of brand architecture, Teresa created a new universe with a bold vision of artistic design, freedom of movement, fabric worthy of being so close to skin, respectful use of resources and a strong sense for the heritage of her city.

Two year later, when Anita Dorner entered the company, there were discussions with two international luxury houses for collaboration – yet those were put on hold to focus on creating an even stronger message. So Anita has put the expertise she had gained in several Parisian high fashion houses and through her years in tailoring to work, they became partners quickly and decided to go the tough but rewarding way of creating a pure luxury brand.