Is there anything born out of pure passion and that epitomize the real ‘made in Italy’ brand that doesn’t make our jaws drop in amazement? Hardly, Roberta Cenci epitomises that, conceived on traditional Italian Ideals of creativity, authenticity and a real eye for detail. The creative director showed her fascination for dark and gothic. Her desire to elevate them in her new collection the sculptural design of the heels of her pieces is one that caught the attention of our audience in our just concluded Eye on Fashion in Los Angeles.

In this collection she tries to diffuse our fear for the dark and gothic. She effortlessly created a fascination for the beauty from death and the dark side of life.

In the last month we worked with the brand in exposing it to audience in Los Angeles and America at large and we are so happy and proud of the brands success story. It was amazing to see the reception the brand received from our audience and celebrity friends. Spy News Magazine leveraged relationship with celebrities and influencers who fell in love with the brand at first sight. Pieces from her new collections were used to style celebrities for photo shoot on our magazine

At our just concluded Eye on Fashion the brand made a huge impression on those present- Kara Royster who we used  Roberta Cenci pieces to style for a photo shoot on Spy News Magazine was very impressed same  were others who  present at the event including Amber Frank, Kelli Berglund, Jaqueline MacInnes Wood and others.

There is no doubt there is a love affair between our friends who are trendsetters and the Roberta Cenci brand. It is easy to understand why.

by Anderson Azugbene