It was a perfect chance for Caesarstone & Tom Dixon  to present THE RESTAURANT at the 2016 Milan design festival, where four monumental composite quartz kitchens were  used to chop, steam, char and freeze a radical menu for the hungry Salone audience. Each course, conceived by Arabeschi di Latte, was served in four Tom Dixon dining halls designed to allow the visitor to slow down and enjoy the latest ideas in Materiality, Luminosity and Texture in the Rotonda della Besana – an immense deconsecrated church in the heart of Milan situated in a peaceful cloistered garden.

THE RESTAURANT BY CAESARSTONE & TOM DIXON, Milan Design Week, Salone Del Mobile 2016,

Marble, wood and plastic, glass, iron, brass and copper are the basic building blocks that have defined our products from the outset. This year, we step back and take a look at our biggest influence and an underpinning inspiration for what we do: our materials. Any designer worth their salt should be concerned by the choice of materials, but for us it is a veritable obsession. So we wanted to tell you a bit more about the substances that we shape, the raw matter that we form into these extraordinary objects for everyday use.

THE RESTAURANT BY CAESARSTONE & TOM DIXON, Milan Design Week, Salone Del Mobile 2016,

New collections showing at THE RESTAURANT by Caesarstone & Tom Dixon include:

(Metal) CURVE: Is it a satellite, or is it an Art Deco sculpture? Neither actually. It is a new curved geometrical light that pushes the boundaries of thin sheet etched metal fabrication. With its microscopic precision-pierced skin and soft nickel silver coating, CURVE internally reflects and emits a filtered glow of ethereal light.

(Polycarbonate) FADE: A blow moulded polycarbonate light cannon. Its teardrop shape focusses the lightbulb’s output into a satisfyingly round and luminous circle, acting as the ultimate oversized spotlight. The metalized finish is unusual as it graduates from completely reflective to transparent in an even fade along the body of the lamp.

THE RESTAURANT BY CAESARSTONE & TOM DIXON, Milan Design Week, Salone Del Mobile 2016,

(Glass) FLASK OIL: Flask is a series of three pendant lights inspired by the sharp and functional geometry of chemical laboratory glassware. A cylinder, a sphere and a cone that work in mixed groups or more formal arrangements. Each comprises two components – a clear rippled glass lens which produces a series of concentric, luminous rings, and a black glass shade finished in the latest oily iridescent colour.