Society says creativity is insanity. I love my insanity; I love to process thoughts that barely cross the mind of the normal…#sorryamnotNormal. The thought process of creating, is an exhilaration that beat in my pulse and overrides any trigger of those dark childhood memories that sometimes drowns my eyes in flood of tears.

It is paradise to see and observe the finished works of a creative mind in whatever form it is presented. It is like standing on the edge of the mountain in the morning capturing the grandeur of the earth as she yawns and stretches as she wakes up, gradually being lit by the beautiful yellow circle we call sun, we wish the earth was ours but it also belongs more to the birds and the insects in the grass whose sonorous voices we can’t do without.

a12In all, those who create will suffocate at the idea of not being able to express themselves they will suffocate if they can’t create and express. So is the story of Bianca the Owner of KILESA, the highly innovative and creative Italian brand. Bianca is a great believer in the importance of traditional craftsmanship. She also knows that great design is about looking forwards and not backwards hence she made innovation as the core of the brand. The brand takes inspiration from around the world and filter it through the made in Italy lens.

sOur conversation was very inspiring; together I think we were able to create an inspirational story especially for women.

Spynewsmagazine: It is a great pleasure to talk to with you about your brand KILESA. Please tell us your story?

Bianca: My name is Bianca Imbembo and I am 44 years old. Since I was a child I always had a big passion for fashion. My dream was to create fashion accessories for strong and elegant women, although my career started in a multinational corporation as Manager. After I created a family and chased my kids until they became independents, I felt an intense desire to take a challenge to my life starting an activity that could satisfy the hidden aspiration to create a feminine accessory for woman’s daily life.  So, when I was 40 I took a brave choice…the idea was to create an eco-friendly product using unusual materials matched precious leather. For this reason, the organization of Expo 2015 in Milan wants the exposure of my products as innovative. Difficulties have been different, but I continued to move forward with tenacity thanks to general public large consensus that well appreciated KILESA since the beginning. Moreover, the brand received many awards from Italian authorities.

Spynewsmagazine: How will you describe your creation and what inspires your design?

 Bianca: Elegance and refined style has always characterized my style, that’s why I wanted to create unique objects that can be worn from the morning to the evening by eclectic and smart women. The idea was also to respect the tradition of high quality “made in Italy” paying attention to sustainability using selected and natural materials. Precisely to meet the requirement of the elite clientele, I decided to cooperate with a team of young designers in order to create a customized and refined product.


Spynewsmagazine: Tell me about you latest collection?

Bianca: The latest SS2017 Collection actually in sales campaign at our showrooms in Milan and Dusseldorf is characterized by customization of Lotus Flower symbol using it as closure or frieze. (KILESA is a term born in eastern philosophy that stand for contrasting emotions which belong the people who aim for self-determination and it is represented by Lotus flower, who arise in putrid water and grown immaculate and pure, naturally shining).KILESA forms are rigid and squared, the colors used are both pastel that intense creating a contrast that make KILESA bags unique.

Spynewsmagazine: I believe that no matter what you do your job is to tell your story because that is how you inspire your target audience, how are you using the internet and the social media within it to tell the story of your brand?

Bianca: During the 3.0 era it is fundamental to use social channels to self-describe. Since the beginning, KILESA used for his expansion, Fashion bloggers that played an important role in propagation trough followers’ feedback. KILESA refers to a medium-high target, and the images or histories related on the web, is a continuous path that grows KILESA’s brand reputation as reliable company near their customers. Our followers actively participate. A little tag is attached to each product to invite our consumers to join at our newsletter for require support and assistance through a dedicated customer care.

KILESA wants to be an attentive company that follows trends personalizing its mood.

Spynewsmagazine: What future plans do you have for KILESA?

Bianca: By the end of November I would like to conclude a project started time ago. The project aim via crowd funding to realize an eco-friendly high quality bag usable by an heterogeneous public, mixing food, fashion and sustainability. The project will be launched all over the world and I wish it will have a large success.


Spynewsmagazine: Where can we buy KILESA ITALIAN can we buy online?

Bianca: You can find KILESA on our e-shop and in our shops in Tokyo, Paris, Dubai, Munich and Dusseldorf. KILESA project wants to find selling opportunities through distribution channels more sectorial conquering broader markets and why not also American market. In September are fixed other meeting with buyers of other counties.


by Anderson Azugbene heart-white-love-wallpaper-1