Art has always represented something much greater than a simple point of reference for Etro. It is part of the very identity of the brand, the mantra of its soul: Faithful to Love and Beauty. The Circle of Poets perfectly expresses this inseparable connection. Poets, young minds, and bohemians comprise this sharing community of aesthetes. This encounter generates dialogue, value, and possibility.

It is an open exchange among poets, born in Milan and brought together by Etro. This innovation explores new possibilities of expression, of making a means of understanding, of ways of being, in which deeply rooted traditions faithfully sustain culture alongside all that is young and new. Etro presents eleven profiles, eleven disciplines, eleven thoughts, to introduce the poets of the circle. Eleven complementary facets of the same gem creating a circle, epic and illuminated. This valuable union creates a context for storytelling, widening the circle as ideas flow from the global to the local scale and vice versa.