One of the most discussed and admired collections was the one of Donatella Versace. Probably the best one, talking apart  the Haute Couture certainly!

The very first look has made the statement: the new Versace woman is a strong Warrior in the changing world yet sexy and super feminine. Look at those legs in high heels, a military jacket, tightly controlled by the wide belt, self sufficient look and you will see a new Versace woman. As the collection proceeded we saw walking one after one  a new generation of amazing ladies Amazons in their greenish slightly inspired by military uniform mini dresses, quite comfortable multifunctional jackets and taking breath away high heel shoes. The Blond Army marched all the way to the glory, Super Models only, and ended by a disco kind of mini dress in green sequins on Gigi Hadid, a contemporary Goddess, a real Versace woman, bold and sexy! I am sure the new collection will be a total sold out and a must have for real Fashionistas!!

Photo Credit: Olesya Okuneva