After heartbreak, there’s a healing process that many people go through. At times it can be nothing but destructive, not only in the world around us but in our heads as well. In The 1975’s new music video “Somebody Else”, lead singer Matty goes through an internal mental crisis projected onto his reality – due to a breakup.

There are many theories as to what the entirety of the video signifies. The first three minutes are believed to be a transition point from “A Change of Heart” to “Somebody Else” as the main character is seen to transform himself from one outfit and mannerisms (clown with makeup) to completely different attire and way of being (jacket and pulled back hair). Many fans say that if you watch  “UGH” and the first three minutes of “Somebody Else” they align in certain parts as they are both only 3 minutes. The band was extremely creative when putting the visuals together for their songs and have managed to project them artistically.


“Somebody Else” is rather movie like. The emotion evoked through the scenes of lust, exasperation and sadness are rather powerful. This is definitely a video that keep your attention and leave you wanting more. Throughout the video Matty encounters several circumstances that hurt him physically, just to find out in the end that his pain was being caused by non other than himself. Every situation was caused by his own mind.

The reason The 1975 have become such a phenomenon is because they present content with depth. There are many right and wrong theories as an outsider’s perspective which makes their videos better because people then can apply it to their own personal path. What do you think of “Somebody Else”?

What is YOUR point of view towards the story line?


By Monica Soriano pinkblack