Visiting the South of France is always a beautiful idea, no matter what time of the year you plan your perfect vacation. According to the Cinese tradition this 2015 is a year of a Goat,  and  we thoughtfully created for you a ideal getaway that will  strike your imagination  with its charm and  a hidden luxury.  The amazing  break from a common vacation. You’ve got to be the last adventurer and a lonely dreamer in order to reach this place.

Garden Chevre d'or

Eze is an Olympus grafted onto a hillside between the Mediterranean and the sky…Follow the footsteps of philosopher Nietzsche, and step beyond the fortified double door entrance into a paradisiacal setting. The scent of jasmine, bougainvillea and roses will guide you through cool, climbing alleys.

Here you are, in our hidden paradise, the EZE village, shifting peacefully between the land and the Mediterranean sky.  Trompe-l’œil paintings of fake shutters on the village walls. Embellished doors with bas-relief, including the door of Les Riquiers, home to the first lord of Eze.

Terrasse Chävre d'Or

Private properties such as La Chèvre d’Or are rising up into a clear blue sky over artists’ workshops and art galleries which are nestling at street level. Let your mind drift back across the centuries and imagine donkeys wending their way through a nature loaded with figs, carobs, olives and mandarins grown in and around the village. Eze name comes from the ancient Latin “avisione”, meaning viewpoint.

The small steeple of the penitents’ Holy Cross white chapel is a reminder that the village belonged to Provence until the end of the 14th century. Notre Dame de l’Assomption church choir is decorated in baroque style. Boasting an Egyptian cross, it plunges Eze into the mysteries of goddess Isis.
Aloe, euphorbia and cactus thrive in exotic gardens that were created in 1949 by Jean Gastaud. Nonchalance and nostalgia colour a many-hued and living décor just a breath away from the sea.

This is not a usual Cote d’Azur destination such as solemn Nice or chaotic touristic Monte Carlo, although just a few miles away. Here lives the romantic history, a legend beyond the Castle of Chevre d’Or.

In Provence, the Chèvre d’Or (the golden goat) was a legendary animal about which many stories were recounted, as in Paul Arène’s novel “La Chèvre d’Or” which was published in 1889. favorite tale passed down through the years describes how, while visiting the village, Yugoslavian violinist Zlatko Balokovic was lead by a goat with a golden coat to a building he then went on to renovate between 1929 and 1931. It would eventually become the famous la Chèvre d’Or.

Other stories have kept the legend alive, and some villagers say that la Chèvre d’Or owes its name to its original owner. A female farmer who was raising goats and selling their milk each week at Nice market and who would then hide her profits – gold coins – in a stone wall. Later, when the building was renovated, her treasure was rescued from years of slumber and the estate was named after this golden treasure, ensuring the story lived on.

Isn’t it amazing to step backwards into the history and just once in a life time feel yourself a great Lonely Dreamer from the Fitzerald’s “Tender is the Night”. Remember, how they strolled the narrow paths of the hidden villages when the South of France was just a small paradise out of tourists reach?

Tender is the Night at EZE village’s most incredible places as the hotel “La chevre d’Or”.Bar Chävre d'or

Hollywood influencers started coming to the restaurant and journalists from all over the world immediately flocked in to interview Robert Wolf.

Upon the advice of Walt Disney who immediately fell in love with the gourmet restaurant and the setting, the then owner followed his endeavours by purchasing private houses in the village and converted them into bedrooms. The hotel became one of the 6 places on the “Route du Bonheur” (Road to Happiness) initiated in 1954 by Marcel Tilloy, the founder of what became the Relais et Châteaux association.

Restaurant Gourmet Chevre d'or

The restaurant earned its first Michelin Guide star with Mr Pernet. In 1960, Bruno Ingold, South African Consul to Monaco and Advisor to the Prince of Monaco, partnered with his friend Robert Wolf to develop the hotel division of the Château. At that time there were only 6 rooms. The hotel continues to grow today at the very heart of the village and now boasts 39 rooms and suites.

Until today, la Chèvre d’Or’s records are punctuated with the names of celebrities who continue to give it unrivaled and unique status on the Côte d’Azur. Royalty, politicians, stars of stage and screen as well as many thousands of the happy unnamed guests discovered our own gardens of Eden, touched the ancient stones which are omnipresent in the rooms, suites, walkways and throughout the medieval village, and have taken in the awesome panorama from the hotel, 500m above the Mediterranean sea and as far as the eye can see.

Le Château de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze Village on the French Riviera is celebrating the” year of the goat” as per the Chinese calendar. The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co- existence and tranquility. This is the primary and fundamental mood for this year.

The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts, constantly present at the la Chèvre d’Or and at the Village of Eze…The sign Yin, symbol of peace, harmony and serenity according to the Chinese astrology, it perfectly mention the pleasure of a journey at the Chèvre d’Or. Symbol of arts, it illustrates also the creativity and imagination which is to be founded in its rooms and gardens.

On this occasion the hotel organize the nostalgic events that will celebrate each month of this leaving year to celebrate the Goat:

In August – right now – A Fashion show and an exposition of artistic works are installed in the gardens of Eden.

In September – wine tasting and wine growers talk about their wines.

In October – The nostalgic tastes and the smallest are welcomed with the school of Eze, workshops are organized for them to make them like the products and the planet. Good and tasty!! For the adults, a “Halloween” evening will take place on the 31st October.


The French Riviera is one the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy from behind the wheel and feel the magic of the roads while driving a special old sport car. Would you like to drive a Porsche 356 Speedster in the hinterland, to stroll on the Cannes’ Croisette with a Ford Mustang, take the narrow curves of the Monte- Carlo Rally with a Lotus 7 or the Jaguar E …As James Bond or Grace Kelly, enjoy the strong sensations provided by these cars while driving on the small rear country roads enjoying the beautiful panorama. Classical sports cars, but very high class: Lotus, Porsche Spyder or AC Cobra…How spend an incredible experience on the small roads of the hinterland.

Enjoy the road with a break in the land to savor a picnic prepared by the Chèvre d’Or Chef in an Austin Healy. Adventure trip to St Tropez in 2 CV or MG (both are convertible) romantic or in family (kids will be amazed).

Unique views, sea stroll on one of the most glamorous ships, St Tropez, picnic on the beach … one of the most romantic and adventured journey.

We highly recommend you start your Provence adventure here, as your next destination according to our viewpoint is not far away!!