In 2016 Fall and winter collection of KUMANN YOO HYE JIN, HyeJin Yoo recalled her earliest days as an artist, when Automatism and Abstract art influenced on her aesthetic point of view. While she explored scratches and traces which were drawn in unintentional and/or unconscious manner, she could find rather emblematic and representational significations. Demonstrating the unmeaning gestures and symbols of unconsciousness, could bring us a playful view of realism and spatial impression.

For this season’s concept, she completed the idea of curved lines by freely drawing and cutting, with various seam techniques and bias piping. Different modifications of voluminous sleeves which have been becoming the signature style for the jackets and cocoon coats of KUMANN YOO HYE JIN were also highlighted. Unbalanced coats with check burn-out jacquard blocked by black and white laminated neoprene were another examples of Surrealistic abstraction styles for this season whilst repeating u-array, cotton-padded muffler was a feature item of geometric shapes, matching with randomly crumpled paper printed coats and draped neoprene dresses.

Variously curvy patched coats and one-piece dresses with check wool and with laminated felt also presented the idea of abstractionism. Overall, the idea of Surrealistic lines and cuts performed well with over-fit coats and voluminous shapes and structures, giving more a rhythmic sense to the whole collection.

Photo: The Courtesy of KUMANN YOO HYE JIN