Her works always come from the personal experience, a thought, a feeling. Emotions are what the artist wants to transmit, with her courage and sincerity. For Veronica, surrealism is “the realism of our times” and she wants those who look at her works to feel within a world where reality isn’t separated from the imagination.

 After the successful exhibition in Milan during Emerging Talents Show, the Russian-born, naturalized Roman artist Veronica She  presented the retrospective of her career to the public of Rome.

Among the works featured in Momart there were some surrealistic & pop art portraits of 2014, the explicit and sexual “Blue” series in which the artist plays with the geometry and with the eros, as well as some recent works from the “La Dolce Vita” series (2017).

“These are provocative works that stay on the borderline between sexuality and vulgarity,” – the artist says.

We congratulate Veronica with her first big exhibition in Rome. Keep up doing amazing work. We are looking forward to see more of your art.