We love the feeling of coming in contact with the end product of a creative mind. You don’t get such feelings from fast fashion. For this reason Story to Line, an e-shop that is focused on putting a spot light on Belgian creatives has been born.  Millie Rolin Jacquemyns, the fearless entrepreneur, is the brain behind this laudable project. In her words, she was inspired to create her company because according to her “It’s been a while since I stopped going to fast-fashion boutiques. I no longer felt any excitement. I bought clothes that I forgot the very next day and that meant nothing to me. While working for the MAD (Brussels Center for Fashion and Design), I met passionate creators who touched me. I wanted to give people again the opportunity to feel this excitement.  “. It is not hard to understand why Millie has decided to create to Story to Line, fast fashion is an ephemeral beauty and dazzle set of lights that, suddenly the thrill and excitement are gone.

 Millie Rolin Jacquemyns

Fashion should be about beauty and emotions, these two, when mix together, uplifts the wearer. Story to Line’s core mission is to create a stage for new fashion creators in Belgium, a stage where they can be seen and heard. Story to Line is also set out to inspire the audience by telling and amplifying the stories of these creative minds.  When people wear any piece from Story to Line, they know that they are wearing a part of someone’s history and story.

Here are some amazing brands you will find at Storytoline.com


The brand philosophy combines sobriety and modesty with everyday elegance. The collection embraces femininity and simplicity with a clean, minimal design that echoes Roxane’s love of nature and her journeys to Japan. The brand stands for high-quality Ready-To-Wear, developed in Belgium, manufactured in France with Japanese fabrics.

All designs are created with simple, everyday use in mind. Roxane Baines creates timeless pieces with pure but necessary features. Extreme clean lines, devoid of any decorative elements, give free reign to the expression of the fabric…

In her search for the essence, Roxane Baines reaffirms her desire to create timelessness.



Ambiguous and intricate, Gioia Seghers’ style is inspired by art and movement. The grace of the female body in motion plays a vital part within her creative process. Transparency, eyelets, and drawstrings are some of her brand signatures. The pieces are tactile and seductive, emphasizing the designer’s instinctive approach to clothes.

Using fabrics as the departure point of her creations, Seghers elaborates new stories in her head, positioning narratives at the core of her creative process. Inspiration comes in surprising and mysterious ways, ranging from a series of old photographs, a poem in a book or a random thought expressed by a friend.


YEBA is a modern Belgian Luxury Brand proposing ‘chic business bags’ with minimalist aesthetics, luxury materials, and comfortable lines. We create ‘elegant & feminine’, yet practical, essentials that fit into modern women’s lifestyles.

We believe in inspiring women who live in the present and move towards achieving themselves. The Yeba woman is self-confident and aspirational. Each essential she wears becomes a statement that reflects her personality.


As accurate as eclectic, Sara Esther grew up in a world inspired by her family of jewelers. Passionated by handcraft goods, the young Belgian studied at the “arts et métiers” school of Brussels before creating her eponymous brand in 2013. By defining her own style that does not lack talent, she loves diverting and re-working conventional and classic pieces to share her vision of aestheticism while infusing jewelry with her sensitivity and timeless style.

With great instinct and inspired by her roots, the young creator conveys a craft tradition, creates jewelry with sense, emotion, simply born of a genuine desire. Her creations reflect her passion for symbolism in the stonework and the history of jewelry. Pieces that we offer, we wear for a lifetime, then that we transmit. As an artist and craftsman, her authentic know-how makes her creative and high-quality work possible.

Yellow, pink, gray or white gold, silver, and other precious or semi-precious stones are the letters of her alphabet. Creators send a message to the world with their realizations; the one of Sara Esther is a declaration of love to freedom of creation and traditional values.




By Anderson Azugbene