Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..

The Place: Canada. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the winter air was crisp with the soft salty scent of the Pacific Ocean. From the balcony on the second story of the Long Beach Yacht Club, I could see light swells in the sea and hear the distant sounds of small waves dusting the beach shore—the perfect setting for the day that would change my life.

The ballroom was decorated with deep red roses and black ribbon; tall windows framed views of the ocean; tables were decorated with dramatically long black underskirts, crisp white tablecloths. It was a picture perfect setting for a winter wedding.

And even more important than the music or the food to make that perfect wedding a reality, is having the right shoes for the night! It’s often something overlooked or left until last minute, but finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day is essential. You want to be dancing the night away in a gown with your family and friends at your side—and the last thing you should be thinking about are blisters, chaffing and swollen feet.

But what makes a perfect wedding shoe? Comfort and comfort only! Having the most comfortable shoes comes down to the quality of craftsmanship and materials as well as the stability of the heel.

Having wedding shoes that are specifically designed to ensure the comfort of your feet is paramount to making the wedding of your dreams come true.

Jessica Bedard bridal shoes are designed to create beautiful, functional and elegant shoes that simultaneously fulfill the need for ultimate comfort and the highest quality, working with only the best Italian craftsmen. The gifted designer explores the use of different materials including patent leather and fur to create some of the most iconic bridal shoes on the market today.

We sat with with Jessica, the creative director of the brand, for a conversation on her designs and how her own wedding inspired her to create a bridal collection. Listen to her answers right here!




By Anderson Azugbene