Spy News Magazine: Can you tell us a bit about your debut single ‘Mambo’, and how it came together?
Jordi: Mambo is definitely a song made up of a bunch different styles. It has a hint of the old Dean Martin vibes with the new current sounds.  The song has a lot of influence from my own life and experience.

Spy News Magazine: You recently spent some time in America, what was your experience like?
Jordi: I’ve just arrived back from LA which was amazing. I’ll be coming back to LA pretty soon to work on more things as well as getting out to New York and Toronto.  It’s been incredible.

Spy News Magazine: What was your most memorable moment in the States?
Jordi: I did an on-camera interview where I got to try a bunch of different American snacks.  I was eating a lot of Twinkies & Cheetos.  It was hilarious.

Spy News Magazine: You do it all, from modeling and acting to singing. You are focusing on your music right now but will we be seeing you in television or film any time soon?
Jordi: I’m working on a few things over in the UK! In the states, I hope to in the future.  I’m very excited about it all.

Spy News Magazine:  What is it you love most about acting and music?
Jordi: I think what I love most is that acting and music are both so different.  I’m so fortunate that I can pursue both.

Spy News Magazine: What attracted you to a career in entertainment?
Jordi: I loved the idea of inspiring people and people looking at me and saying ‘I want to be like Jordi’.  That’s the goal I’m aiming for.

Spy News Magazine: Has the dynamic changed with your family since you have become more involved in music? 
Jordi:  They have always been so supportive of me and always know that if I put my mind to something, it will happen. They have such faith in me still.
Spy News Magazine: How important is their support to you?
Jordi:  It means the world to me.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and their support.

Spy News Magazine:  You were part of boyband Overload, what would you say was the best moment you experienced in that time of your life? 
Jordi:  The best thing was when we went from our first ever gig as beginners, to a sold out Wembley stadium in front of 24,000 people.  We had the time of our lives performing.

Spy News Magazine:  What would you say was the hardest moment in Overload?
Jordi: Living together was always a struggle, as we lived in a one bedroom flat between 6 of us!

Spy News Magazine:  Now, as a solo artist – how would you describe your sound?
Jordi: It has the elements of Pop/R&B with a slight dark side that I think everyone can relate to.

Spy News Magazine: Coming up with a concept for a project/song do you take from real life experiences? 
Jordi: I do draw from my own experiences, but I also see others’ real life experiences and take them into account.

Spy News Magazine:  Social media has taken over, what is the most difficult part about managing the platform you have?
Jordi: I do get some crazy messages and approaches from people so dealing with some of that can sometimes get overwhelming, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

Spy News Magazine: Social media has also made it easier to connect with people, what message do you want to get across through your work?
Jordi: It’s always nice to interact so I do my upmost to connect as much as I can with the fans and keep them in the loop on my journey.

Spy News Magazine:  What do you have to say to your fans that support you and are ready to buy your single?
Jordi:  I love you! Watch out, this is going to be a crazy ride.
By Rachid Ait