A28 Collection

Designer ALLAN independently created his own brand at the age of 28. Among them, ALLAN 28 is an advanced women’s clothing brand; A28 is one of the high-end custom brand.

Both the two brands are the the classic works of natural wisdom in creative inspiration. Designer Allan has always insisted on the modern and gorgeous style in his design works. On technology, Allan uses meticulous and costly detail treatment and the designing methods of matching, deconstruction and layers matching, which make them produce rich visual impact and make each cloth become a unique and delicate artwork as well as a kind of emotional expressing method of wearer.

Meanwhile, both of them perfectly interpret the characteristics of confidence, dignity, fashion and naturally convey a reflection of urban women on modern life. The design of Allan always gives people the feeling of “love at first sight” as its brand emphasized “ Falling in love at first sight and an instant missing is eternity.” For the good things, after all,everyone is worth pursuing for a lifetime!


Awaylee is an emerging women’s fashion brand, it is established at Beijing in 2012 by a talented Chinese independent designer Mika Lee. Since 2012, Awaylee quickly becomes very popular among Chinese young consumers with its unique “仙” style (“仙” is a Chinese character refers to fairylike, elegant and vivacious) . In 2015, Awaylee was chosen to be featured on Vogue Italia’s “Talents for Asian”. Awaylee now works with all major Chinese buyer’s boutique shop, product sales cover all major tier 1 and tier 2 cities in China.

In early 2015, Awaylee opened its first own concept store at Chinese fashion hot spot Shanghai XinTianDi. “Elegant, Simplicity and Contemporary” are the key words of Awaylee’s design style. Awaylee focuses on the combination of women and nature atmosphere to give people the power of beauty. Awaylee respects every wearer, always keep pure, simple, elegant style. To use more primitive and free design, intended to highlight the experience and expression of the wearer themselves. Since the birth of the brand, Awaylee attracted many fashion lovers with its strong sense of innocence and silhouette and high quality fabric.


2014 Mercedes – Benz  “The Asia’s most promising designer” .  C+ is a newly-born brand as the outcome of Chaber and C.T.LIU’s collaboration. It is unqiue but absorbing, succeeding the naturalism concept of Chaber and modern urban rhythm of C.T.LIU. C+ advocates concise instead of complicated design and maximizes the its value to the best. The brand aims to reduce the number of pieces and at the meantime, adds charms, which is the sense why there is a “+” in the brand name “C+”



Ji Cheng, famous Chinese-based designer, JICHENG brand founder, creative director. Graduated from the Marangoni school in Milan, Ji Cheng ever worked at Basic Krizia, Missoni Sports and D’A as designer and visual director.

Ji Cheng’ design subvert traditional Chinese style and mix together Chinese elements, hippie and elegance. Specialized in blending Chinese traditional culture with western way of cutting and design style, every piece of Ji Cheng’s collection is a perfect combination of technology and fashion.  She has been widely recognized as China’s leading designer by fashion industry and media world.


XINYUHU is the designer Hu Xinyu of the same name brand, the flagship of the avant-garde, comfortable, simple, elegant design style. The design of classical and modern leisure flavor blending gentleman gentleman men into everyday wear, use a large area of geometric color, stripe and a variety of fresh color, mix XINYUHU masculine style with the characteristics of the times. REDA, the world’s top fabric maker, has chosen XINYUHU as its Exclusive Designer for the 15 year anniversary of its entry into the Chinese market.


WE COUTURE is one of the rising star in China’s fashion designers brand, is made up of Demi Jiong and Derek Wong , they design couture for clients, their work is a unique scenery in haute couture route, graceful, luxuriant empty spirit, In today’s Chinese designers, will be a power that cannot be ignored.

The designers pay much attention to detail when designing, that can be found through the pattern, edge, goffering and so on. Meantime, they also try to imbue garment with ethereal and elegant element that was inspired by female image in the movie during the 20’s – 60’s of last century since they appreciate the attitude of women in that era to pursue beauty which is self-contained and precise.

Since the establishment, We Couture has already traveled through 7 years. In 2013, Demi and Derek launched a new product series – the Haute Couture Collection. All materials in this collection will be selectively provided by top tier suppliers overseas, and is deemed to bring this exquisite brand up to the next level. Designers are very good at the feminine fabrics, art, craft and powerful combination of building feeling fold crepe, translucent material and structure design of the cascade collision and harmony, and then into the top luxury hand embroidery, has become a significant symbol of brand style.

The elegant design style is favored by many female stars and magazine editors, celebrities collaborated such as in Chi-ling, Charmaine Sheh, Shishi Liu, Yan TANG and many others.


Photo: Shanghai Fashion Week Association white-pink-double-hearts-clip-art