Designer Sean Suen launches his second collection ever since he’s been listed in Paris Fashion Week schedule. The show takes place at YOYO spacePalais de Tokyo.



SEAN SUEN 2017-18 Fall/Winter Collection attempts to expand creativity from two – dimensional design, which is considered as his strength, to three – dimensional perspectives. Narrative order adjusted, tonality tuned, the collection reveals a brisk new classic that speaks only for the young. Rather than the rebellious graphic looks prevailing in youth subculture, it is more of a revolutionary examination on high fashion’s structure and fabrics, and a reinterpretation of elder generation’s classic from a boy that has grown with the aesthetics.



Featuring the conflict between grayscale and saturated colour palette, as well as the various kinds of materials used in the collection spanning from leather, silk to cashmere, this collection sparkles creative silhouettes in a young narrative by integrating technology to classic fabrics. Iconic oversized lapel is seen throughout the collection, such as cashmere blazer, shearling bomber jacket and suede trench coat, all of which make a chic look alongside with tapered pants and single colour brogue shoes.



By maximizing the effect of key details, Sean Suen is adding a young voice to classic design. The combination of buttons and two-way zippers connects the inner and outer layer of clothes, allowing wearers to adjust based on weather and body conditions. His challenge towards the classics does not stop at the details, but also expressed by piling up layer by layer in style.


Photo: The Courtesy of Sean Suen

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