A true lifestyle system, where every element contributes to a single vision of sinuous harmony: living room, bedroom, work-space, family room, meeting room… in each space appointed with furnishings and accessories designed by Vittorio Hodara, one can see not only his idea of beauty and attention to detail, but also the importance and quality of the materials used. 

Sometimes, the dividing lines between art, design and craftsmanship are thin. In cases like these, the link is the creative vision of the artist, the tendency to always look for the “well made”, which is the essence of Made in Italy. A far cry from a fleeting vision, it is solidly anchored in the manufacturing and craftsmanship traditions.

hodara, furniture, italian style, furniture from italy, Milan Design Week

Hodara Art Designer was created by Vittorio Hodara on these foundations, to allow his inspirations and creative images to take the shape of design objects.
Objects that are created by a true craftsmanship network, starting from the creative mind and coming to involve artisans and companies in Italy, especially in the Brianza area, a territory rich in “know how” and tradition. To this industry you add the customer, who has a considerable role and, if desired, can assume an active and proactive one to contribute to the customization of the product, making these objects ‘unique pieces’.

Whether it’s individual seating, sofas or desks, the uniqueness of the product is obtained by always finishing it manually, an operation which is never repeatable. Finishes that require all the professional skill of a craftsman: stitching, polishing, lacquering up to nine layers, upholstering, special processes. To give just one example, consider the ” flame-stained” finish, obtained by the use of an oxygen welding torch: the burns – from brown to blue to purple, depending on the degree of overheating of the metal – are oxidized and polished manually, piece by piece, to create an area of unique shades of color, and are never the same, which is perhaps why it’s not an exaggeration to call this a “work of art”.

To all this is added the search for the best materials – grain leather, fine woods, fabrics, stone, metal, glass. Materials which are then joined in daring, often surprising combinations and, in any case, are enhanced in their quality through pure forms.

The result is a series of individual objects capable of interpreting and proposing the manifold concept of lifestyle: whether they are intended for the home or the lobby of a charming hotel, objects created by Hodara Art Designer know how to conquer spaces in a single, soft line. And it is here where the signature style of Vittorio Hodara resides: in the objects created this 2016 by Hodara Art Designer, nothing is angular, cutting, or pointy. On the contrary, everything is rounded and sinuous.

hodara, furniture, italian style, furniture from italy, Milan Design Week

The showroom in via G. Morone 8 in Milan fully reflects Vittorio Hodara’s personality: always open, continuously developing, where paintings and artworks mix with the latest creations and iconic pieces in an equally cozy and refined setting.

hodara, furniture, italian style, furniture from italy, Milan Design Week

And sinuousness is indeed the inspiration for LOVALE, the new Hodara Art Designer collection presented at the 2016 Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile). The shape of LOVALE (“the-oval”) has always been a symbol of rebirth, perfection and magic, if it is true that the creation of Heaven and Earth was represented by an egg split in half.

Vittorio Hodara reduces shapes and smooths the corners to obtain natural elegance. The search for the archetypal form is repeated in the four elements – sofa, chair, armchair and ottoman. Ovals from anywhere you look at them – in an almost endless repetition of the ritual of beauty.

hodara, furniture, italian style, furniture from italy, Milan Design WeekRefined in detail, light in appearance, but solid and compact to the touch, for the LOVALE collection from Hodara Art Designer, even the structural elements are treated with dedication and artisanal care. The wooden frame almost takes one back to the time of the master shipbuilders, the padding is hand-shaped, the fabrics are those of a tailor, and precious details abound, such as the tight double-saddle stitching.


As for materials, the choice favors leather, high-tech fabrics or the refined textures of the best cotton, linen, velvet, fake leather and fur. There are also natural woods or woods treated with striking metallic effects, giving one the possibility of a practically unique and personal customization. A line that fits into any environment, from private home to hospitality facility with great personality: a collection whose forms, build and finishing provide timeless functionality, far removed from passing fads.  In contrast to the elliptical, curvy world of LOVALE is ACCANTO: a stylization of the letter H in Hodara turns into an end or side table which can be used in multiples to create a bookshelf or spear. In its bookshelf version ACCANTO lends the third dimension to the colors seen in paintings by Mondrian. It is available in lacquered oak in the primary colors of red, blue and yellow to alternate with the classic black and white.