LA GALLIA is a luxury lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its Creator & Designer Galia Dirany. The collection, known for high quality, print and fine details, includes handbags and clutches. Art, music, travel, architecture, interiors and the designer’s own style are inspirations for the brand and each collection. The company was launched in 2015 with an elegant collection of exclusive and unique handbags. The brand’s modern but royal aesthetic vibrated with tastemakers with the refined and vibrant details in each item of the collection.

Austrian Dreams

Inspired from thousands vibrant colors, the Austrian Dreams collection reflects the essence of the spring and summer seasons. From the magical breeze in Austria, both freshness and boldness inspired our collection, portraying the richness of pulsating fresh colors, and the brightness of a vivacious nature.


The Austrian Dreams collection brings a fresh twist to La Gallia’s classical and elegant items with light blues, strong pinks, light mauve, shimmer, and greens.

Keeping our chic look and feel, the originality of this collection is styled with new modern techniques in wood carvings, ravishing 3D mother of pearl moldings, merging them with new fresh and light colors, accessories, stones, and material. Our unique touch for this season shines with the addition of the Chalcedony stone to our iconic piece.



An artistic, modern and standout smaller twists to our unique Storia bag with a detachable shoulder chain. Your choice of leather refined with vivid colors or wood designed with elegance, carved and molded in unique 3D design with mother of pearl filling.



A fresh unique and elegant shape for the classical clutch with vibrant and lively colors, with an inner cardholder. website, launched in 2015, is the company’s main store where the collections are described by the elegance in the details and the craftsmanship showing the birth of each item.

Since its launch, LA GALLIA has set a new accessories category with handbags and clutches selectively and exclusively designed from the most refined materials using the best quality genuine leathers, refined hand-colored exotic leathers, Swarovski crystals, pearls, gold plated accessories and tags. The inside is made of genuine leather with a very selective royal red color.

The vibrating elegance is portrayed and trademarked with 3 dots shaping a crown, the collections’ symbol. The use of eccentric materials, such as refined woods, and high-end pearls marks the uniqueness of LA GALLIA, and its designer.