The saying that Rome was not built in a day is ever so true and glaring. It will be unthinkable for anyone to explore Rome in a day. This city with mild Mediterranean climate and persuasive draw makes visitors to keep coming back.

Rome is characterized by fascinating urban village that was founded as an Empire. Today it is characterised by classical ruins and early Christian places of worship including Renaissance palaces and Baroque fountains. There are also great neighbourhood with trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitivo.

The muse for me is the pulsating energy of a place that makes you feel you are living a life in form of a theatre. There are a lot more to see and experience in Rome. Camilla, the Creative Director of Le Cloix, a Roman base brand known for using the finest materials and outstanding handmade designs of Le Cloix, took us on a journey through her most favourite places in this muse of a city called Rome.

Monti, for example, is a huge inspiration to the designer, and one can easily see the influence this Rome’s hidden treasure has on the Camilla’s designs. Monti is an unostentatious beauty; you can see this reflect on each piece of Camilla’s creations just like Monti Camilla’s pieces are genuine and beautiful.

Monti’s stylish and yet subdued character is what the designer loves about this place. Its narrow side streets and hilly alleyways lend the neighbourhood the air of a small village.  Its original forms and shapes are pride to its residences.  During our previous interview with Camilla,  she talked a lot  about her creativity and inspiration. It involves enhancing the beauty of the leather she uses as raw materials for her pieces. It is her aim to keep the natural cuts and edges of the leather to make each piece different, unique and original.

Some of her pieces speak of hidden beauty, that can only be appreciated by matured minds. She spends hours hand crafting all her products with all going through the traditional and rigorous process of production. Camilla’s piece takes you on a journey through the Italian tradition and heritage. Make sure to check on her website for more information.