Peter Dundas is the new creative director of Roberto Cavalli! That is the greatest news that hit the Fashion week in Milano! After years in Emilio Pucci everybody was expecting the new revival of the Florentine brand. In fact, it was not a revolution but rather an evolution, a remaining, a subtle change. Peter Dubdas goes back to the label’s fundamental elements in order to define the new Roberto Cavalli woman of today!

Freedom of body and of inspiration is a key. As the huge navy goes with full veils to its destination followed by the strong wind, likewise the woman of Dundas-Cavalli goes strong and self secure to her goals in her full size floating skirts, combines with sweatshirts, with denim jackets. Silhouettes contrast between body-concious and easy. Baroque and minimal, familiar and new.
The pegasus, a mythological symbol of freedom is the collection’s central motif, ideologically and aesthetically, recurring in prints, jacquards and jewelry.
In fact, the collection is kind of COUTURE taken to the street! Fast, precious and beyond!! We love it!

Photo Credit: Kate Lavrovskaya