The enticing phenomenal is about to derive, when the shopaholic femmes are inevitably admitted for rehab sessions to retreat life time obsession. The ladies are hard to resist for being the center of the universal of attention. Living the life of glamour under the spotlights scene in rehab, everyone has to be over the top to bling all out the ashy lifestyle and all of the allurement attraction.

For the past seasons, Milin and her design team have mainly focusing on new versatile techniques of fabric embellishment for nest quality of touch. Elegantly draping artistry has descended the silhouette that makes it more extravagant towards the seductive look of each own.

The varieties of new techniques have foreseen in this collection. The deviation in design for this collection arises high items with beads and sequins creating dimensional graphic. The fabrication of metallic essence adds on elements of glamour. Glittering dress creates equally astonishing look.

Rehab Season capitalizes on new materials leopard imprinted fabric represents the erce and fearless of inner-self that a lady should embrace. The new pieces among others milin’s uniqueness in designs consist of bralette, exquisite draping facets for top-and-bottom pieces, high side slit wide legs pants with adornment darts. As for accessories Milin introduces a new magni cent “M” crystals chandelier earrings and necklace.

New alluring fabrications that make every piece in this collection more enticing are embellished glitter tulle, velvet tulle metallic sequined tulle, metallic jersey, metallic-pleated organza. Contrasting color palettes from illustrious metallic of copper and silver, shades brilliant pink gold and silverish, get into more irtatious colors like tangerine orange, shocking-pink, and yellow mustard.