Bi-colour cropped GmbH biker jackets reworked from recycled, reversible Helly Hansen puffer coats. Cropped hoodies in 560 g jersey of partially recycled fibres.



Fine knit athletic bodies, collaged from deadstock wool in a colour palette inspired by artist Alexandra Bircken. Tight lycra long sleeved jumpers in primary colours, velvet jumpers with biker zips. Kurta in madras poplin with gold embroidery saying  “Randomly Chosen” – as that is what you are told as an explanation by security when you, as a brown person  gets taken aside for an extra check up at the airport, but in a font that makes you think of Aaliyah.



Traditional carpenter’s guild trousers in corduroy.Two- tone worker’s trousers in sturdy deadstock or fireproof gabardine. Reflective high waisted jogging trousers. A track by Blake Baxter.

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