A four piece on-site installation “Present Past: A Shadow of the Process” stands for a path to the Cherevichkiotvichki Spring Sum- mer 2016 collection back stage preparation.


The display will take place in Los Angeles, California. Built over a 3 day period outside and indoors with all components sourced local- ly. The idea is to tell a story of the meticulous dyeing process so far used by Victoria Andrejeva only in her London and Italian ateliers.

unspecified-3Each one of the four window pieces will represent a “cherevichki” woman wrapped in cloaks of the dyeing elements. One in tamed palette of earth-like colours of fresh and processed eucalyptus leaves. Another one in branches of that same plant. The other two are made of canvas rolls and an abundance of linen ropes; all used during the making of the SS16 collection process.


Victoria’s current collection of womenswear garments and leather goods is an adaptation of the past which still exists in the realm of her so-called physical reality. Like in metaphysical art, the common perception of time and space is subverted, leaving room to the impossible dimension of the Present-Past.




The Cherevichkiotvichki collection of womenswear and shoes is available at Mona Moore, 222 Main Street, Los Angeles 90291