From Brasile to Japan. My way

My first experience in Japan was when I turned 7. I came with my family due to their work so I ended up having to join the Japanese Elementary School and learning the language. By 12 I was back in Brazil and finally got my sassy and flirty Brazilian side! After a few years in Brazil I returned to Japan again with my mother. She sent some pictures to modeling agents and after a year back in Japan, just before turning 16, I moved to Tokyo on my own to become a model. Since then Tokyo has been my home, sweet home! It’s been 10 years only in Tokyo!

Music is my everything..

 Music became part of my everything! Let me explain.I get bored of things very quickly. Having a work routine really kills my creativity and thirst. I crave for the fresh, the bold, the new. When I started making music a few years ago, it was one of those times that I was getting tired and frustrated with all the things I had done in my entire life. I needed the risk, the challenge. I wasn’t modeling anymore, I had already worked in Fashion as a Stylist, Director, Consultant and I was more and more trying to create Art, producing events collaborating with artists etc.
I finally left Japan and decided to try Sao Paulo, Brazil. That’s when I went back to the Club Scene and completely dived into Music. I was in the best events and clubs partying and listening to the best Deep House, Disco and Dance Music. One of those nights, I met someone and fell in love. That’s when I started composing. Eventually something clicked. I just knew it, that time I wouldn’t get bored anymore. That time it was different. I would be able to unite everything I had done previously, all the experiences in Fashion, Art and now Music and turn ALL OF IT INTO EMPIRE.
Music is the last piece of the puzzle in my life.