Frustration and Desire. There is something about society where what we desire we can’t have which causes frustration within us. Please Do Not Enter is a store in Downtown Los Angeles which was opened by two French men Nicolas Libert and Emmanual Renoird. Opening the store with a concept of being a retail store and gallery, Libert and Renoird wanted to create an experience every time you came to Please Do Not Enter. When asked about the unique name there were three reasons why they chose it.

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When you go to any museum there are always the new exhibit about to open with a barrier blocking any entry and a sign that would typically say “Do Not Enter”. Years ago there Downtown LA was almost a ghost town and no one dared to enter the streets of Downtown LA. As a kid when we are told to not do something all we want to do is do it.

Nicolas best explained this with the words Frustration and Desire, the curiosity of the forbidden fruit.

This isn’t a French store, but a free space of unique items from all over the world. From art pieces, clothing, fragrances, accessories and more, this is the space you come to get one of a kind pieces that you will not be able to get anywhere else in the world.

unspecified-4 unspecified-6 unspecified-10If you haven’t seen or heard about the infamous all white art installation on Sunset Blvd. it is the men behind Please Do Not Enter that are responsible of this public statement art piece.  Partnered up with various artists and designers from all over the world they have made a name for themselves within the art world. Something very unique is you will find some of the art sculptures by Arik Levy found in the store to be seen in the famous American Horror Story: Hotel series where you will find in Lady Gaga’s penthouse.

unspecified-11 unspecified-13 unspecified-3 unspecified-7A word commonly used in society now is luxury and having lost its real meaning Nicolas best describes luxury being about time and experience. With time there are three important factor to Nicolas which are time spent in the store, time the designer or artist spent on collection and time you keep the piece for.

A common question to most store owners would be, “How do you pick the art pieces and designers to go into the store?” and without hesitation Nicolas replied, “Because we like it”. Not having a grasp of the LA culture and what people like, they used their best interest and knowledge of what they like and just hoped that the consumers in the Los Angeles area show the same interest in what they like.

unspecified-9Having various art exhibits throughout the year and the consistent change in merchandise, the concept Libert has created of a retail/gallery space keep the clients and those visiting for the first time to keep wanting to come back.

unspecified-8 unspecified-14Coming to Please Do Not Enter you will find that every piece, every object, every person has a story. Nicolas and Emmanuel pride themselves in being able to tell the story behind everything they have in the space. So come enjoy the journey behind every story and please enter Please Do Not Enter.


By Christpher Dela Cruzpinkblack