Every Pinqponq product is the result of an ambitious process: the designers observe what lifestyle and fashion affine people need and create everything according to these demands. Their products are loved and used in equal shares: pinqponq is appreciated for style as well as function. Pinqponq supports every form of creative activity and provide the right tools for it. Making a fashion statement without the fuzz and buzz that fashion often makes.


The inspiration comes from contemporary art, music, conversations and everyday life. This brand is curious what’s next –  but never copy. Pinqponq celebrates smart solutions that look as good as they work. Its mission is to come up with lots of ideas, so you can organize everything from Hasselblads to hair brushes. The labs are their playground for future products:  experiment with materials and looks – resulting in pinqponqs one-of-a-kind ”Limited Editions“.

Sustainability“ is a big word. And an even bigger promise to the future: the brand uses fabrics that are 100% made of recycled PET bottles.  They are a recognized bluesign® system partner and member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).

The aim of bluesign® is to keep toxic chemicals completely out of the supply chain. FWF works with us to verify and improve workplace conditions in our factories. In this way Pinqponq aims  to meet the high requirements of ecological and social responsibility.

Pinqponq is a fresh brand bringing high quality backpacks and accessories to you. Since 2014 it offers intelligent products that combine style, function and sustainability in a unique way. Pinqponq represents a new generation of lifestyle products featuring strong mixes of materials, original patterns and an unmatched attention to detail. Pinqponq is for smart, fashion conscious world citizens who want to express creative mindset and support thoughtful goods.