The new Rubeus Milano Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection is to die for and comes as a result of the meticulous search for the ideal stylistic expression by the international team of artisans working with a material of the exceptional quality — crocodile leather. This material is a distinctive element of all Rubeus Milano accessories. The new collection lineup consists of five handbag models, each one being an ideal final touch for the classy modern woman look.



This line is truly special, intended for women who are always asking for and getting more. There are four colors in this line. Each FLASH CLUTCH model is fitted with unique, extremely beautiful clasp. Each clasp is made out of metal plated in gold and decorated with jewels: the blue-colored model has a sapphire pavé, yellow-colored has yellow diamond pavé, the green-colored model has emeralds in it’s decoration and the scarlet color model has rubies. Our artisans have matched colors of precious stones and crocodile leather to show off the elegance of this special line.

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In preparation for the opening of the first sing-brand Moscow store of Rubeus Milano, planned for September, Special line features MYDAS TUTI FRUTTI model.

A stunning addition to the collection with sides edged in thick gold, decorated with precious stones, diamonds and pearls. The gems consist of 306 rubies, sapphires and emeralds, a total of 437 carats, their authenticity and weight are certified. This extraordinary creation by Rubeus Milano features 156 diamonds (6, 32 carats in total) and 28 natural pearls (6.00 grams). Not only a treasured accessory made from crocodile but rightfully called haute jewelry and a work of art



The Mydas  line will be only available in medium to small size and would have a more simplified design. Metal clasp in these handbags is coated with gold and the leather is finished in Mediterranean style. It is preserving refinement and dedication to the international standards, upon which Rubeus Milano has built it’s reputation.



The Quadratic handbag is only offered in a large size and a python leather. A proposed color range is the blue note, vivid green, and scarlet red. There are three «dreams», of blue, green, and red, each is very light and weighty at the same time.